Dawn breaks over the palace walls.

I will be starting to compile the world building documents for a diplomacy and court intrigue based game here on Obsidian Portal. We will be using the Fate Core system published by Evil Hat.

The wiki will contain the world and setting I’m building, and will likely be a work in progress until further notice. Nothing here will be set in stone until the game actually begins, so feel free to watch changes as they happen, make suggestions, or share ideas on the forum.

Because we will be using Fate Core, as your GM, I am going to be less concerned with coming to the table with a story to tell, and more concerned with providing my players with a rich setting in which they may develop and tell their own stories.

Ideally, we will develop a collection of players who can opt in and out of sessions as schedules permit for tables of three to six players per session, once the game gets underway.

I would encourage potential players to take a look at the Fate Core system, and develop some loose concepts. Your characters will be fully developed as a cooperative effort during our first session, so don’t get too married to outcomes. Develop some ideas for what directives might interest you, given the setting I’ll be writing here.

I’m interested in player feedback on the setting, so once you’re familiar with the rules of Fate Core, if you have suggestions or ideas — share them!

PCs and potential PCs can only see “in front of the curtain” here on Obsidian Portal. There are a lot of aspects of the world I am building you won’t be able to see. NPC roles are available and are especially suited for players who might be using Skype to dial in to sessions periodically. If you’d like an NPC role (and see what’s really going on behind the curtain), let me know. NPC’s will be listed as co-GMs so that they can see the things that are hidden from potential players.

The Culture Engine

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