Adulthood and Augmentation


While some children do dabble in augmentation, it becomes much more routine for post-chrysalis adults.

Augmentation is one of the primary sources of power and influence within the Palace walls. Augmentations can range from an external monocle that allows its user to see colours invisible to the naked eye to an internal third eye that can help its user visualize fields of influence in an effort to predict the course of social decision making or influence arbitration.

Augmentations are limited only by the creativity of their inventors ((and Fate Points + GM discretion)). They often occur in a series of iterations moving from the simple to the more complex and powerful. There is an element of chance in each augmentation procedure and its outcomes, which is often the cause of both excitement and celebration post-discovery. It is widely believed that the unanticipated outcomes of an augmentation device or procedure express something about the person being augmented, though this has never been studied closely.

Adulthood and Augmentation

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