Gender, Sex, Orientation, and (augmented) Bodies

Children of the Culture Engine are socialized to see gender as an act of self creation, evolution and expression.

The gender or genders of one’s birth are a very private matter, and not a topic of polite conversation. This is information rarely shared.

Children, prior to becoming full-fledged Citizens, pupate rather than hit puberty. They may, if they choose, pupate more than once over the course of their lives and in accordance with their wills.

Upon emerging from their chrysalis, a person may select a stable gender presentation anywhere along the spectrum of gender expression or may present fluidly.

Sexual choice and attraction, as a result, tend strongly to the personal rather than the categorical. It is considered a mark of excellent taste and upbringing to select widely varied (no matter how few or numerous they might be) loves and lovers over the course of one’s life; it is also a mark of distinction to be the love or lover of one such person.

More notes on gender, sex, and bodies can be found in the volumes concerning augmentation, technology, and biology. Notes on familial and love-based relationships have their own volumes, as well.

Gender, Sex, Orientation, and (augmented) Bodies

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