Wealth, Ownership, and Resources

Very little reliable source material from the Age of Scarcity remains.

Since that time, it has come to pass that creativity and the proliferation of human culture has come to signify wealth and power. Augmentation, in particular has become a primary marker of wealth and influence.

So, for instance, patronizing the arts, crafts, and guilds; writing books; making meals; creating art; making things; inventing gods; revising history; athleticism; promulgating holidays, celebrations, traditions; biotechnical augmentation and innovation; proliferating new gender expressions — these are all cultural contributions that are assigned value based at least in part on their creativity and their reception. The more, or higher quality/utility/amount of change resulting from cultural artifacts or content you promote or produce, the greater your influence.

Payment occurs in terms of influence, favor trading, courtship benefits, and other forms of social capital.

Not all cultural contributions need be what we might think of as philanthropic or positive. For example, assassinating a dignitary, erasing/replacing historical events (more on this in the metaphysics, when they are developed), undermining or discrediting a rival, rumor mongering, political agitation — these are also cultural contributions, and have positive /capital/ value, though we might read them as ethically negative.

Notoriety and Infamy are just as powerful as Esteem and Honor.

Wealth, Ownership, and Resources

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